May 21

Read the letter of Tom McKevitt, Esq., to Peter MacKinnon, Esq., counsel for Matinecock Village targeting key concerns about the proposed Agreement between the Village and Crown Castle

Here’s a quick summary of the letter:

  • Crown Castle is not entitled to have the proposed Agreement granted in any form it desires.
  • Crown Castle must submit a needs assessment to the Village Trustees:
  • They must provide propagation maps and technical data showing what coverage is already present in Matinecock, and show that a gap in service exits. Their proposal must eliminate that gap in service by the least intrusive means possible.
  • Crown Castle must provide visual materials measuring the specific aesthetic impact mounted DAS boxes would have on surrounding areas.
  • They must name which carrier would be using the DAS (Distributed Antenna System).
  • Approvals already exist for Sprint, Nextel and Cingular to locate antennas on the water tank owned by the Locust Valley Water District at Section 23, Block B, Lot 428. It must be determined whether these antennas will provide adequate cellular coverage for the Village before the Trustees agree to allow Crown Castle to install new antennas on utility poles in Matinecock.

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May 03

Matinecock Residents For Intelligent Telecommunications

We the residents of Matinecock are very concerned about the manner in which cell phone towers and antennas have proliferated on the North Shore of Long Island in recent years. We seek to strictly limit, on numerous grounds, the proliferation of these structures, in our residential neighborhoods in Matinecock.

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