About Us

Matinecock Residents for Intelligent Telecommunications is a new citizen’s group formed in 2014.


We are concerned about the manner in which cell phone towers and antennas have been allowed to proliferate on the North Shore of Long Island in recent years. Our goal is to limit the unnecessary proliferation of these structures in our residential neighborhoods in Matinecock.


The purpose of this website is:

  • To promote awareness about the possible proliferation of wireless antennas in Matinecock
  • To encourage dialogue about the draft Village of Matinecock Right-of-Way Use Agreement,
  • To ask key questions and express core concerns about the draft Agreement,
  • To provide accurate, up-to-date information regarding the Agreement and hearings, and
  • To propose additional specific courses of action to Village Trustees and residents that will:
    • Ensure collection of all relevant data necessary to make an informed decision, and
    • Establish future protections for residents, resident’s property and the environment from telecommunication and utility technologies.


The Issue

Currently, the draft Right-of-Way Use Agreement under consideration with the utility company Crown Castle leaves many unanswered questions and exposes numerous potential red flags. For the Village to sign the Agreement before residents have had adequate time to consider all the needs, issues and ramifications to our satisfaction is unwise. We want ensure that this transaction serves our community’s interests in every way, instead of rushing uninformed into a contract.

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Why We Care

The Village of Matinecock stands at a critical threshold: embarking upon a long-term contract that we, our children and grandchildren will have to live with for 25+ years.


Our Recommendation:

Specifically, we ask the Village Trustees to:


  1. Determine by means of an independent business assessment whether there is a need for more wireless telecommunication antennas.


  1. Demand the production of an Environmental Impact Statement for the Crown Castle Application, which is required by New York State law.


  1. Enact an Ordinance establishing future protections for residents, resident’s property and the environment from telecommunications and utility technologies.
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